Hawkes Clinic
Direct Primary Care in Henderson, NV

About Us

My history

I finished Medical School in 2009, and Internal Medicine Residency in 2012.

You should know that doctors are just as frustrated with the healthcare system as patients are.

One day while running at the gym, I was upset with unproductive negotiations with large companies... I was the FACE of a corrupt system that did not put patients first.  I was promoting health, while creating economic crisis for my patients. 

'Doing no harm' includes financial harm!

I searched information about doctors billing patients directly instead of insurance.  I found a group of likeminded physicians called Direct Primary Care.

I got a place in Henderson, NV in 2016.  It's about 20-30 mins from downtown Las Vegas.  

I opened shop in January 2017.

I offer an affordable ($60/month) membership to my clinic.  With no additional 'per visit' costs. 

I love my work!  I am less stressed.  I know that I offer the cheapest and best healthcare around.  Just ask my patients.

Our mission

Thank you to Jennifer Powell, MD.  She produced a great mission statement.

  1. Break down the barriers that currently exist in the patient-physician relationship.
  2. Restore mutual trust.
  3. Provide excellent individualized primary care.

Contact Us

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Feel free to stop in, no appointment necessary!

Hawkes Clinic

90 S Stephanie St, Ste 110, Henderson, Nevada 89012, United States

Dr Hawkes: (702) 423-7564 / Assistant Evelyn: (702) 305-3293 / fax: (702) 757-3975


Monday - Thursday: 8am - 5pm

Friday - Sunday: By appointment

In order to continue offering a good product to my currently subscribed patients, I'm not taking more patients for the time being.  We have grown a lot in the last 1.5 yrs!

If you want to sign up for this type of care with another Doctor, please email us or give us a call.