What is a General Internist?


A primary doctor for adults.

I can do the appropriate workup, diagnosis, and treatment of all illness that affect adults.  

Most commonly: 

  • diabetes (types I and II)
  • cholesterol
  • infections
  • high blood pressure
  • general dermatology
  • women's health (non-surgical)
  • men's health
  • psychiatric illness, mental health
  • detection of cancer
  • lung disease
  • gastric, intestinal, colonic problems
  • blood disorders
  • addictions
  • minor surgical (skin warts/moles, biopsies, draining abscesses, joint injections, ingrown toenails, suturing, etc...)
  • care for elderly patients
  •  ETC...

It's best if you ask!

What I don't do:

  1. I don’t sedate anyone in the office.  I can use local anesthesia.
  2. I don’t deliver babies (but I know who does…).
  3. I don’t do surgery that goes deeper than the skin (but I know who does…).
  4. I can see kids.  But if it gets complicated, I’ll send you to a family doc or pediatrician.
  5. I don't prescribe long term opiates for chronic pain.  There are inherent problems in taking cash payments for oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, etc...  But if you broke a bone, then I will for a short period.

You should have an accessible Primary doctor!